Camera Module Turnkey Solutions

It takes more than just a camera module to realize a comprehensive product vision. You need an experienced and innovative development partner like WinideaTech to help you kickstart your projects with excellence.

Featured Camera Modules

4K USB Camera Modules

IMX415 4K Camera Module

1/2.8'' IMX415 CMOS sensor adoption, USB2.0 interface, UVC-compliant, rolling shutter, full resolution 3840x2160@30fps.

hdr usb camera modules

AR0230 1080P Camera Module

1/2.7'' AR0230 HDR CMOS sensor adoption, USB2.0 interface, UVC-compliant, rolling shutter, full resolution 1920x1080@30fps.

IMX179 MIPI Camera Modules

IMX179 8MP Camera Module

1/3.2'' IMX179 CMOS sensor adoption, 30-PIN MIPI CSI interface, rolling shutter, active pixels 3280x2464, max. 30fps.

IMX258 MIPI Camera Modules

IMX258 13MP Camera Module

1/3.06'' IMX258 CMOS sensor adoption, 34-PIN MIPI CSI interface, rolling shutter, active pixels 4208x3120, max. 30fps.

Shortly About Us

WinideaTech specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of camera module in China. Our commitment to providing high-quality camera modules is demonstrated through our systematic efforts to improve performance.
Camera Module Solutions
Our success stems from our customers’ success. We continuously research, develop, and innovate to meet the changing needs of growing markets. Additionally, our exceptional performance of products and attentive technical support provide an unparalleled R&D experience for product developers and R&D teams.
Camera Module Solutions
Camera Module Customization

One-stop Customization

Equipped with extensive technical expertise, our R&D team is capable of providing customers with comprehensive turnkey solutions that encompass mechanical design, module hardware, built-in firmware, and value-added services.
Camera Module Customization

Camera Module Design

Skilled design engineers meticulously craft camera modules with precise dimensions to enhance the appearance and installation. Additionally, they take into consideration working current and heat dissipation in order to optimize longevity and prevent damage.

Camera Module Hardwares

With the assistance of experienced hardware engineers, WinideaTech is capable of ensuring reliable hardware configurations. Our expertise lies in integrating various functions into camera modules, such as IR diodes, LED lights, microphones, etc.

Camera Module Firmware

The final performance of a camera module is determined by its built-in firmware. Our firmware team can configure the most appropriate settings to match your application's requirements for image or video capturing.

Value-added Services

With the advantages of convenient resources and lower costs in the Chinese market, we can source or customize accessories associated with camera modules to meet your requested standards, such as optical zoom lenses, cables, shells, tubes, etc.

Why WinideaTech

We are not merely a manufacturer of camera modules, but rather a dependable partner in embedded vision development. Our stable supply chains for brand core components, robust R&D capabilities, and over 10 years of industrial experience enable us to deliver exceptional visual performance to your projects as well as full customization.
Camera Module Production
Camera Module Production

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