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The strength, innovation and extensive industry experience of specialized camera module manufacturer will enhance the visual capabilities of your projects.
Who is WinideaTech

Who is WinideaTech

WinideaTech is a professional compact camera module manufacturer in Guangdong China. Since 2014, we’ve dedicated to USB camera modules and MIPI camera modules design, development and manufacturing, and strived to provide customers with satisfying products and great technical support.
Who is WinideaTech
With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as an innovative development partner in compact camera module manufacturing. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality camera modules to customers both domestically and internationally has earned us a prominent position at the forefront of the industry.
Choose WinideaTech for an enhanced embedded vision development experience. Our team of specialized engineers, with extensive industry expertise, offers cost-efficient one-stop customization services to customers seeking unique product solutions.

Manufacturing Process

From the first step of compact camera modules manufacturing to the delivery of finished products, we attache great importance to every procedure that has an impact on quality and performance.
Camera Module Manufacturing Process
Camera Module Manufacturing Process
Quality Management

Quality Management

WinideaTech implements rigorous approaches to quality management, with the sole pursuit of your reception of our high-performance camera modules that provide excellent embedded vision. Since its inception, we adhere to refine the market direction, do our most professional products and the most professional field.
Quality Management

Considerate Module Design

Our proficient engineers possess the expertise to consider various factors in camera module design, such as size, structure, power consumption and heat dissipation, in order to minimize potential issues that may arise during use.

Right Components Selection

A selection of high-quality components ensures exceptional performance and stability for our camera modules. We collaborate with renowned image sensor suppliers such as Sony, Omnivision, Galaxycore, Himax, among others.

Efficient & Accurate Manufacture

Application of surface mount technology can effectively reduce electromagnetic and radio interference, while also providing high reliability, excellent vibration resistance, and a low rate of soldering defects.

Dust-free Working Environment

The sensors and lenses must be assembled in a dust-free workshop to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt into the module. This approach effectively prevents the occurrence of black spots and ensures high-quality images.

Our Certificates

For your peace of  mind, here are some important certifications regarding our camera modules supplies.
Camera Module Manufacturer Certificates
ISO9001 Certificate
CE Certificate
RoHS Certificate
FCC Certificate
Camera Module Manufacturer Certificates

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